Monday, April 20, 2009


I don't have any pictures or anything fun to post really... but thought I would update this thing so that people don't give up on me and think I'm an incompetent blogger... ha!

Honestly, I am on a BIG TIME search for 2 things right now.

1. an apartment that is in my price range (humbling going from 3 roommates to being a 1 woman show... wow the tables turn, and the prices go up!) If anyone wants to get struck by cupid, just let Northbridge know APT #138!!! It has now successfully seen 4 marriages, 1 engagement, and 1 well... eventually ;) All I am saying is that this APT has seen all kinds of romance!!!

2. since I have always had roommates that come fully furnished, I am in dire need of some furniture... at this point I am inheriting a couch, have a bed, a small dresser, a TV, and a desk I got in elementary school... not too bad, but MUST get an affordable kitchen table and chairs... a starter set will do, but you know... it has to be cute :)

I am not sure when I got so excited about "nesting" and furnishing a place... I used to be grossed out and bored by the thought of Crate & Barrel and now I get excited!!! Who am I turning into??? Maybe I'll start cooking if I am feeling REAL domestic!!!

So anywhoo... Logan and I went to look all over Dallas and were unsuccessful in our kitchen table hunt as well as a 1BR apartment for me- It was either too smoky, too "college part 2", too cheap looking, or too pricey for me at this point... I haven't made my millions yet ;) Riiight....

Thats my boring update of the week... Stay tuned for the domestic adventures (and hopefully something a lot more interesting) of Abby and Logan!!!

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