Sunday, April 26, 2009

James Morrison

So its official... Logan and I are in love.... with James Morrison.

We went to his concert Thursday night and I kid you not, we were competing a/g each other as to how many times James made eye contact with each of us... Allegedly Logan won b/c he was "taller" and had that advantage working for him... Me on the other hand, had the whole GIRL thing going for me... so you pick :)

This honestly was probably in my top 3 concerts I have EVER been to and one of the FEW where I left feeling like the artist sounded better LIVE than he does on his scrumptious CDs, which I might add, have not come out of our itunes/ cd players since the day of the concert!

So shout to James... my boyfriend wants you to take your shirt off and feels like yall could be good friends and as for me... who on EARTH is this girl who has inspired such amazing lyrics???

For all you itunes users try these on for size:
1. Better Man
2. Precious Love
3. You Give Me Something
4. Broken Strings

and on... and on... and on...

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