Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun Weekend!

Well we had quite the weekend... Friday night we celebrated Annie's 25th bday! We all went to Monicas and the whole clan was there except Broms and Bear (tear), but she was with us in spirit!

We had way too much fun on the conga line (with the "surprise" at the end) and Logan got "dragged" on stage to sing and play the tambourine and lets just say he is a HAM and maybe felt a little too comfortable in front of that crowd... I was relieved when John and Blake joined him up there haha!


Saturday was the day the Cowboys stadium collapsed, so needless to say, the weather was FAR from ideal... We were out at Lake Grapevine on the Bowen's house boat and although we stayed inside, we managed to have a really good time! Zach caught a record size fish (probably the ugliest, most disturbing thing of the day, next to us walking up while Kevin was peeing off the back of the boat haha). The day was centered around our patriotic pride for Kevin Snodgrass who ships out here pretty soon to fight for our country.... he will be leaving Demanda behind for us girls to take care of and we are selfishly excited to have her back in the state!

SUNDAY was the night that my father met Logans parents.... I have to admit I have been anxious about this considering my dad has been a little skeptical of Logan. I know initially when my dad found out Logan was French, he had in his head that Logan had long, greasy, black hair, spoke with an accent, and wore black and white stripes with suspenders... haha! HOWEVER, it went great. Bob is an extrovert and my dad is an introvert so Bob talked and my dad asked questions... it was the perfect combination! And they both have a love for the guitar and Jesus... so after that, my Southern Baptist father was satisfied and said "They seem like really good people." Dad and Kelley did a great job hosting!

Thats all for now...

This weekend is our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (cannot believe its been that long) ... SO I am sure I will have a fun post for next week, woohoo! I cant wait to see what my hopeless romantic has in store.

Much love peeps!

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