Monday, May 11, 2009

The Big 1 Year Anniversary!

I have not had a 1 year anniversary since high school, so this was monumental for me!!!

Logan and I started off the day at the townhome painting our accent wall "Plum Harvest" after much debate... After the 1st coat which the 1st quart BARELY covered (Thanks for the stellar advice Home Depot), we went back to HD and bought an entire gallon for coat #2. Luckily the 2nd coat was much less painful. Seeing as we still don't have electricity, it was a nice, refreshing, cool day... luckily! We were pleased with how it turned out, but are now considering doing just an accent wall in the bedroom as well... haha 1/4 the time and work !!!

For our 1 year, Logan suprised me with the purchase of a pub table and chairs that I have had my eye on for WEEKS now... yay for something to sit on!!! And he did a fantastic job assembling it as well, good job baby!

As for the evening, we showered (thank goodness!) and went to Rafain, this Brazilian steakhouse off the Tollway. I highly recommend you dont eat for a WEEK before going there... Once you turn your coaster from red to green- the meat just keeps on coming- 14 different types of meat, now THAT is my kind of place! Our waiter was superb and suprised us with an anniversary cake and 2 glasses of champagne to celebrate. It was the perfect meal.

Afterwards, we went to go see Wolverine at HP Village where our first "date" took place... we were planning on reminiscing afterwards by the fountain where Logan told me his "intentions" haha, but I fell asleep in the first 15 minutes of the movie b/c of the vino and steak... so he took me home afterwards instead. Apparently a decent flick I hear? haha!

I feel so blessed to have someone take such good care of me... Life is unbelievably sweet right now.

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