Friday, May 22, 2009

A Wedding, A Funeral, A Reunion, A Trip...

Well to say this has been an eventful week would be an understatement.

1. My sister finally got home from Spain and had about 15 people cheering for her arrival in the airport!
2. Logan's sweet grandmother passed away last weekend and almost the entire family was able to come in for the funeral this week.
3. My dad and Kelley are getting hitched this weekend and we had the rehearsal last night!

So I have been exhausted and busier than ever...

1. Sister- So glad she is back in the states... she is now legal in the US (she turned 21 over there) and is anxiously awaiting happy hours and Uptown haha, I am thrilled!

2. Mrs. Moose- I am so grateful that I was able to meet her before she was hospitalized last November. I have nothing but wonderful, sweet, memories of her cute personality and how she giggled all the time. The funeral service was given by a retired president of DTS and it was powerful. It spoke to me and gave me a peace about death in a way no other pastor has been able to approach it. Mary Moose was also was quite a painter... below is my favorite painting hung in their house.

3. Dad and Kelley- We are PRAYING for pretty weather on Saturday night... They are getting married in this GORGEOUS room at Park Cities Baptist Church and the reception is at a golf club in Coppell... I was so excited to finally have Landon in town for Logan to meet- I knew they would be fast friends. Logan gets the joy of meeting my Dad's entire side of the family this weekend... haha no pressure right??? At least it is under celebratory circumstances!

BIG UPDATE- Logan bought us tickets to SAN FRAN so I can go visit my newly engaged best friend!!!!! We are so thrilled to go stay with them in the city and explore beautiful Napa Valley together :) Below is a picture from last Fall when I visited Lex and a picture of her adorable engagement in Central Park... way to go Charlie!!!

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