Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well it HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a long post, but worth it... I never want to forget this past weekend :) As a Preface b/c everyone is asking me... I had an inkling that this COULD be happening this weekend, but I didn't want to expect it b/c I didnt want to be let down or disappointed if it didnt... Logan has always been insistent on making it a SUPRISE. Example: He told me he thought our 1 Year Anniversary would have been WAY too expected and cliche... so with that in mind, I thought he may not do it b/c it could be "expected" and then later pull out some random Tuesday night deal.... LUCKY for me, that was not the case...

We arrived in San Fran Friday, June 5th and my best friend Alexis and her fiance Charlie picked us up from the airport and we went to their adorable apartment off Union Street. It had beautiful hardwood floors and new appliances... it was incredible! We went to a cute little wine bar and had some champagne and then called it a night. The thing was, people were setting up ALL night long (literally until 6am) for the Union FESTIVAL that was taking place on their street this past weekend- Think Greenville Ave on St. Patty's day meets Texas State Fair... So we got MAYBE 2 hours of sleep (and that is being generous) on Friday night...

We got up Saturday morning and went to the Boulangerie (A French breakfast place- very appropriate) for chocolate crepes and coffee and hit the road for Napa. We had an 11:45am appointment that we BARELY made! Charlie had to work at the last minute, so it was just the 3 Muskateers! The one ODD thing from that morning was Logan was insisting on bringing a backpack for a picnic at Kuleto (the vineyard we went to). Backpack was CODE for engagement ring "holder" for 2 of my friends- Katie and Alexis- so in my head I was thinking... Wow this could go down today... I have it figured out... When he goes to the car to get his "backpack" I will put on lipgloss b/c I know whats coming!!!!

So we take a 2 hour tour of Kuleto (Lex had suggested it to Logan b/c its by far her most favorite place in Napa)... it was nestled in the hills and had the most breathtaking views- 100 acres of pure bliss! (For Logan it was the longest 2 hours of his life!!!)

Allegedly things did not work out how they were planned... they worked out BETTER (in my opinion). Logan NEVER went to go get the backpack so I was thinking- hmmm this is happening later today at another vineyard or maybe I am just completely reading into everything... The ring was in Alexis' purse the whole time and she even snuck a peek at it while we were on the TOUR- that was risky!!! As I went to the bathroom after the tasting/ tour was over, she slipped it to Logan and they let our tour in on the secret...

Logan led me down to this picnic table and Alexis was going to go get a bottle of wine so we could drink it and hang out... We go down there and Logan had anticipated more seclusion- maybe some bushes for Alexis to hide in... that was not the case, it was very open. As we looked back we saw her bright red dress and since she was far away I didnt know she was trying to hide... but she thought she was caught, so she pretended like she was a klutz and had just fallen into the bushes... then she trotted down to meet us and bring the bottle of wine. After she was down there she said she needed to go get glasses for us, but before she left I asked her to take a picture of Logan and I w/ this amazing view... so she did and NEITHER of us saw what was coming next... Logan said "There is actually one other picture I would like for her to take..." He got down on one knee and said something along the lines of "I don't want to go another day without you by my side. I love you, will you marry me?" Something like that and Alexis is freaking out and crying and nervously just starts taking pictures one after another during the entire thing since she had no warning. Logan said he just thought to do it on a whim during that moment and went with it... I of course was NOT expecting it while my friend was taking our picture (he hadn't gone to get the backpack yet!!! haha) and went from shock to crying to disbeleif to excitement!!! It truely is a moment you cannot prepare yourself for...it was magical, just like a dream - kind of an out of body experience that is hard to wrap your head around. I apparently was asking if/when he asked my parents and who all was in on this beforehand... All before I even put the ring on- once I put that thing on it was breakdown crying session #2.

I digress... Background: Logan was very anti- ring shopping so he told me to trust him and he asked my friends what they thought I would like and Annie and Katie gave him the direction... he then met with a jeweler (who happens to be a tenant in one of his buildings)... told her I wanted something vintage with a modern twist and that I wasn't gaudy/ over the top... They found the absolute perfect ring! It was hilarious b/c he told me she has gotten into trouble in the past with creepy girlfriends listening to their boyfriend's messages...so she now uses code words. So she had 3 diamond options and would leave Logan messages like "Hey Logan... 1st floor is really dirty and the 3rd floor doesn't look that great either, but great job on the second floor, it is SPOTLESS!" and that would give him the hint that the 2nd diamond option was the best clarity... you get the idea :) How sneaky! haha

The pictures are priceless. Much better than 100 yards away from the bushes- Alexis was 3 feet away from us and I am thrilled that my best friend in the world (like a sister to me) was the one who got to be a part of that magical moment. Plus, I have some amazing photos to show my children someday about how Daddy and I got engaged... I have chills just writing this!

After the shock and crying... We sat down and drank the bottle of wine and a couple who had been on our tour bought us another bottle for a special occasion as an engagement gift! I quizzed my FIANCE about the conversation with my parents, how he found such an incredible ring, and all the details behind the planning of this moment... It was such a sweet time!!!

We were sitting there discussing when Pat Kuleto's son came up and congratulated us and offered to take us on a private tour of the house... Alexis has been up to this vineyard 12 times and has NEVER had this opportunity, so it was a huge honor and amazing priviledge!

After that we headed back to San Fran for a night on the town. We went to this Speakeasy where you have to use a password and have reservations to even get in- very eerie (in a good way), dark lights, and super exclusive... then we went to a bar called Lions Den where everything is made with fresh fruit... Imagine Marble Slab but for alcoholic beverages haha :) After that I hit my wall and Alexis and I fell asleep on the couches watching wedding shows on TV and the boys went out on their own and bonded even more! (they had never met prior to this weekend but both knew they had to be friends out of default ... haha luckily they actually really did like each other!)

This night was a LOT quieter (or maybe I was just more tired haha) ... We got up on Sunday and had breakfast and walked down to Fisherman's Wharf to rent bikes. We rode them from Fishermans Wharf, past Marina, up to the Golden Gate Bridge. For 2 people (Logan and myself) who thought this would be a fun "activity"... we were REAL wrong... it was SO HARD but SO worth it!!! (Lex and I kept taking photo opp breaks just so we could get off the bikes and relax for a few minutes haha) We biked 8 miles total... all the way across the GG Bridge to Saulsalito and had lunch on this deck overlooking San Francisco Bay.

We rode a ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf and it went right past Alcatraz... walked to Ghiradelli Square and had some amazing ice cream, and were able to take a quick power nap before showering and going to the airport... It was an exhausting but beautiful day. We finally got back to Dallas at 1am and my adrenaline and beautiful ring were the 2 things that got me through the work day on Monday...

Monday night I THOUGHT we were just going over to show my Dad and Kelley the ring and the pictures from our trip but as soon as I walked in, everyone yelled SUPRISE!!! My mom and sister and Kelleys family... as well as Logans grandpa and uncle were all there to celebrate! The adrenaline kicked in again (Thank you Lord for that bodily function haha!) and we ate brisket, had cupcakes, opened cards and presents, and I was able to share the entire story and show the slideshow of pictures!

My best friends in the world have already planned a fun Engagement Party (this one I know about ) for all of our friends in Dallas on Wednesday... So I am torturing everyong by not showing pictures until then (except the out of towners)!!!

I cant wait for this magical journey to begin.... We are thinking October 30th, 2009!


Abby "soon-to-be" Miseagdes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(will post pictures after engagement party viewing- call me a dork, I just like the anticipation)

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