Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My best guy friend in the world, Evan Stuller, lost his baby sister on Monday morning.

It could have been ANY of us... it could have been me losing Katy.

My insides felt like they had been ripped out as I hurt so badly for their family and all of Emily's precious friends, like my sister Katy who was a Pi Phi with her at Baylor.

I know the Lord has a plan and works ALL things together for good, but sometimes, especially in tragic situations, that is hard to see. A 21 year old girl with so many hopes and dreams that will now never come true. Why was it her time?

The good thing is that we have a loving God and I know he will work through this tragedy...

-Maybe it will remind us to reach out and give your little sister/ brother a nice phone call or a big hug...
-Maybe it will teach you that life is short and these types of things dont just happen to "other people," they can happen to you or to me...
-Maybe its to teach you that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so dont worry about life, LIVE it...
-And Maybe Emily's death is going to bring people an eternity that they may not have otherwise had, forever changing their lives.

I am not sure how a parent, sibling, boyfriend, or best friend feels right now. All we can do is take these things from moment to moment, each day will get a tiny bit easier, and when you are ready... allow yourself to live and to laugh again, because I am positive that is what she would have wanted.

Life can go from Earth to Eternity, in the blink of an eye... Are you ready for it?

Puts perspective on things, huh?

Lord thank you that death is not the end... it is only the beginning.

Praying for the Stuller family, Jared, and the Pi Phi's ...

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  1. nicely said. unfortunately, it's usually tragic events which remind us that life is sooooo precious. many thoughts and prayers for your friends!



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