Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Beautiful Bridesmaids

So I asked my bridesmaids last night... I sent them a clue on Monday for a mini scavenger hunt. They came over last night at 7pm and we had sundaes, a (French) champagne toast, and they each read their clue and told the story behind completing their "task." - Each required proof!

Below are the goodies I made them... each gal was assigned a pattern and I made their wine bottle label, CD cover, and card out of the same pattern. I had SO much fun on this DIY project :)

The CD was my "Wedding Party Mix" since I like to pretend my life has a soundtrack. Each of the 15 songs (7 Bridesmaids and 8 House Party) were dedicated to a girl and I explained the memory behind why that song was significant in our friendship. They LOVED it!

Hogan reading her clue... and yes, that is a cut out of Logan in the mirror... ask me about it, its a long story!

Katy's task was by far the most intense...but hey, she is Maid of Honor for a reason and takes her duties VERY seriously!

My bridesmaids - Katy (MOH), Annie, Hogan, Brenda, Katie... not pictured: Alexis and Bromli who live out of town... they are so fun!

So excited to announce my House Party this weekend... stay tuned... :)


  1. You are so stinkin' creative, Abs!! Very special. :) PS: Is that your townhome?? SO CUTE! I am coming to see it soon. - Hanna

  2. you have beautiful bridesmaids! that katy is one CUTE MOH! :) Congrats Abby!
    Love, Becky



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