Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well Hello There, Whirlwind....

So since I have been back from San Fran, this is what I have been up to:


  • 1 tornado in Plano, a power outage, and getting trapped in the garage of my townhome! (had to go to work late, darn...) :)

  • We PICKED A DATE!!!! OCTOBER 30th, 2009... I refuse to share my anniversary with Satan... I mean, Halloween haha

  • We booked Delaney Vineyards for the reception...its a dream come true! (Seems pretty appropriate after Napa and all...)

  • I FOUND MY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Story: AHHHHH I saw it this past weekend but it was literally 4 sizes too big so I decided to keep looking... BUT as fate would have it, my luck changed and the girls at Circle Park in Addison called me yesterday and they got in a fresh shipment, remembered me, my size, and my dress (check, check, and check!)... I went with my mom, tried it on, and left with the dress!!!! I cant wait to put that sucker on, its exactly what I wanted and "in the budget" which my father loves to say as of late.)

  • We made our first round guest list... "only" have to cut it by 100 people haha...that should be fun, be nice to me okay? Or else! ...

  • We have Park Cities Baptist Church on hold...its the church I grew up in and its gorgeous, and available (not too much competition on Halloween weekend haha!)

So needless to say, I have been a busy lady and its all FUN stuff, but wow, I thought I was busy before all this wedding stuff started, now its x10! 4.5 months... we can do it :) I am READY to be Mrs. Abby Misegades!!!!

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