Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventures in Registering

So registering either works for couples or causes fights... Enjoyable or Explosive... Luckily, in our case it was enjoyable... Then again, it was merely Crate and Barrel and not the MOTHER SHIP that is BED BATH AND BEYOND... dear me, that place is overwhelming.

So anywhoo- We got there, Logan had the scanner gun and was happy with his new gadget and we stared at each other for about the first 5 minutes, not knowing where to start... Once we started though, it was really fun... Like an entire afternoon of shopping without spending ANY MONEY!!! Now, THAT is "in the budget." haha

Logan later told me he was afraid I was going to become that crazy bridezilla girl who gets really agitated and controlling and doesn't let her man have an opinion, but I pleasantly surprised him by compromising on BIG IMPORTANT THINGS in life, like the measuring cups...

So overall, a very positive experience... Now my tune could very well change after BB&B this weekend so stay tuned...

How boring- I just blogged about registering... oh well, I am growing up and things that excite me are very different than they used to be... haha!

Love to all my people!!!

Logan was NOT gun shy... scanner gun, that is... wow I am cheesey!

No we didnt register for a couch, but we sure did relax on them for a bit and pretend like we were considering it ;)

I mean things like this are crazy to me- How many shapes and sizes of dishes can one make??? How do you choose? We decided to be REAL crazy and go the cream route instead of white... There were only 2 options in cream, so it helped narrow it down a bit easier ;) TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!

Remember how I said we "relaxed" on the couches we were "thinking" about registering for... haha ;)

Yay!!! We finished in about 2 hours!!! (And I am sure people were annoyed that we were taking pictures in Crate & Barrel, but you only live once, right??)

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