Monday, July 13, 2009

Save the Dates

The Front...

The inside folded out into a timeline of our love story...

The back!!!


Well the Save the Dates went out yesterday!!! Man, I guess I am officially getting married or something! haha

What a project!!! I got my good friend Lori at Fossil to design them and I put in my 2 cents! We had personalized stamps designed w/ my return address in her cute font and the same "starburst" she used inside the Save the Dates... (funny that I keep wanting to shorten that to STD and then I realize, I probably shouldnt do that)

Anywhoo, WE LOVE DIY projects so these STD's (haha) are packed with our little labor of love. HOWEVER, we noticed the ink took quite some time to dry, so dont be suprised if you get one in the mail that looks a tad bit the end of it, I could have cared LESS!!! haha we tried :)

PS We had JARHEAD playing all night... wouldnt have been my personal pick, but hey- he was helping, so I will pick my battles... :) Romantic Comedy (Think Father of the Bride) while addressing your WEDDING SAVE THE DATES... or the most INTENSE GORY movie out there... you choose!

Look at my cute fiance unwinding after a zillion stamps! (Well our guest list isnt THAT big, but you get the point... haha!)


  1. Congratulations Abby!! This is all so fun and exciting! Post a picture of the actual STD! I want to see it! :)

  2. Just got it today! Love it! And you are SO incredibly organized! We are excited!

  3. Okay... now that they are all out, I posted them just for you Annie :)



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