Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet "Wedding Girl"

So my moms's good friend Kathy, introduced us to this idea of "Wedding Girl"- we haven't quite named her yet...but for all you Moss Haven-ers- imagine Flat Stanley, but the bride version.

So anywhoo- Wedding Girl goes with you to all your appointments, showers, and parties.... then she will be given back to my mom and passed to Katy when she gets married, back to my mom, and then passed on to the grandbabies we may have (much later) in the future!

Its been pretty funny and awkward at times b/c my mom will ask me to pose with my vendors and a wire wedding girl bust that doesnt even have a head- Some think its creative, others think I am a 5 year old girl who needs to grow up already! haha

So its been fun... below you can see wedding girl at our flower appointment- shout out to the wonderful Jenkins family (well Katie is now a Norris) and at a few of our cake tastings!

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