Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bed, Bath, and Blah!

I must admit that BB&B was not fun, as expected... too many trinkets, too many decisions, too overwhelming of a place... Logan and I had to do it in 3 parts- The first time we went, we only made it through the electronic kitchen supplies (ya know, blenders and stuff)... coming from a girl who doesnt cook (yet... ) it was boring and I had no idea what machines did what! Now BEDDING was a different story, I was great at the decor! haha After the 3rd and final visit, we went to Sherlocks to have a few drinks... we were pooped and then realized- we did it in the WRONG order!!! For all you future registerers: I think the BB&B approach should look like this= go get a few drinks, go register, and then go eat dinner! In. That. Order. The. End. haha... Anyway, it was an experience and we are glad its over!

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