Saturday, August 22, 2009

Its All in the Details...

So this entire engagement, I have thought about our wedding as SO far away b/c Katie's hadn't happened yet... well she gets married NEXT WEEKEND!!! I am so excited and honored to be MOH and I couldnt be more confident and happy for them... they mirror Jesus and impact lives in a way that not many couples my age are able to... Katie Boo is about to become Katie Schu (Schulze)!

Anywhoo... so all that to say, I have known after Katie's wedding all of my showers, etc. start up b/c it will be 2 months and 1 day until our wedding... holy cow that is coming up quick! Erin (my future SIL) told me once you dip below the 100 day mark, it flies and boy has it!

So to catch you guys up to speed, here is what we have been up to... we haven't been busy or stressed AT ALL haha ;)

- We found an AMAZING place for the Rehearsal Dinner at Amigos out in Richardson coincidentally while I was attending a work lunch... I looked around the place and inquired about it- our waiter actually ended up showing me a private room they had in the back to accomodate our huge wedding party and family! We booked it the next day... The Frenchies are going to get an authentic Tex Mex experience, cant wait!

- I went to Dillard's with my mom and sis and we registered for China and crystal stemwear... for a girl that is pretty low key and casual, I didnt think I would enjoy this day at all... My mom was so cute and got us set up with facials in the morning, then lunch, then Dillards ALL afternoon.. we had the greatest time and I had so much fun picking out my Venetian Lace print. I just hope someday I can cook well enough to actually have dinner parties on fancy place settings ;)

- We found an AMAZING cake lady in Lake Highlands - she is this woman who started making cakes 11 years ago as a hobby to help supplement her single mom income... Her heart is precious, her Chi Town accent is thick, her dog is famous (for real) and by golly, it was the BEST CAKE we have tasted so far... and let me just tell you we have been to over 6 tastings until we found the best bang for our buck... luckily, the best cake (in my opinion) happened to be the most affordable and I cannot WAIT for you guys to see our adorable cake toppers. I still want there to be some surprises, so I will let that one be mysterious :) Get ready for a Nutella-inspired Groomscake for my Frenchman and a fresh raspberry filling for the brides cake... yummmmm

- My beautiful Wedding Party (and me) booked our travel to SAN FRANCISCO for my Bachelorette Party... Lex and Katy have been busy bees getting it all organized and Evan Stuller gave me the most wonderful wedding present EVER and is putting the ladies up in the W all weekend w/ his Starwood points!!! I couldn't ask for a better friend :) None of my girls have been and everyone fell in love with it after seeing all my pictures from the engagement, so I felt like it was only natural to have a girls trip to Napa since its now very near and dear to my heart!

- I purchased Logan's wedding ring!!! His engraving was WAY too long, so I had to get creative and shorten it. I also ordered an adorable custom made wedding album off of Etsy and a CUTE personalized ring bearer bowl! (If you haven't explored it yet, is my new favorite website!!! My cake toppers are off of there as well). I am still trying to figure out a secret talent that I have somewhere inside of me, so I can make whatever it is, and sell it on their site! Let me know if you have any ideas... ha!

- This morning Katie Norris took our engagement pics...she is starting up her own photography business and really blessed us by giving us our session 1/2 off since she is still building her portfolio!!! We had a blast all over Deep Ellum, Downtown Dallas, and White Rock Lake!!! I cannot wait to see how they turned out... we definitely got up at 6:30am on a Saturday to try and beat the heat... but we were out in the heat until noon, so by the end of it we smelled disgusting! Oh well, he still loves me and he got LOTS of kisses this morning :)

So thats all I've got for right now... Cant wait for Katie's wedding next weekend and ready for our pre-festivities to begin!

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