Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I always, I sometimes, I never

need to hear "i love you"
worry about everything

love a fresh box of Crayola or smelly markers
take pictures
analyze song lyrics
enjoy a good greasy cheeseburger
love taking a TRIP to somewhere I have never been before
make To Do lists (on cute stationary)
like to have a song for every season of life

watch TV but not very often

work out (this should move up to the i ALWAYS section)
read books on vacations and planes
drink creamer with a splash of coffee
write poetry...its a healing process for me
love to watch movies all day long and never get out of my PJ's
wish I could just be a mom and not work anymore (then I get freaked out! haha)
splurge on a massage (but don't talk to me during it...sooo annoying!)

like confrontation or fighting
diet... the closest I have gotten is switching to diet coke
enjoy showering- too annoying to fix my hair
work out without a good solid ipod playlist
enjoy budgeting... numbers aren't my deal
want to get stagnant with where I am at in life- boooring!
have liked animals, especially cats
want to drive a minivan... EVER!

*Shout out to Erica, I thought this was so cute on your blog so I copied it!*

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