Monday, August 31, 2009

My Best Friends Wedding!

The Rehearsal dinner w/ all my besties... man I LOVE it when everyone is in town!!! We had so much fun at El Fenix, and I must admit, I was nervous b/c you can't screw up or "wing" MOH speeches... I did an acrostic w/ adjectives and stories that described them as a couple to help keep my train of thought organized. See below for a snapshot.

S- Selfless
C- Christ followers
H- Hilarious
U- Unicorn (this is a long story- thank you Logan for your contribution)
Z- Zealous
E- Everlasting

Besides telling a Spring Break story and saying it took place in Gulf Shores, Mexico... (I must have been thinking Gulf OF Mexico), then correcting myself saying I mean, NEW Mexico- making it worse... it went pretty smoothly... hey, at least my lack of geography skills lightened the mood!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful bride??? I was so honored to be a part of such an amazing wedding- couldnt stop crying! Its been so neat watching this relationship literally from the day that they met...

God was smiling down on us this day b/c it was MILD weather- were talking 80's instead of 105!!!


Everyone kept reminding us ALL NIGHT... "YOU GUYS ARE NEXT!!!" Ahhhhh, so weird!

SUCH A FUN NIGHT!!! Deb even broke it down on the dance floor :) Who would have thought that "Killing me Softly" would be the hit of the evening!

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