Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let the Parties Begin!

Peeps!!! 52 days and I am a married woman!!! Am I old enough for this???

Okay so here's my update- some SERIOUS progress has been made.

WE SENT OUT ALL INVITATIONS TODAY!!! WOOHOO! What an accomplishment :) Shout out to all the friends that helped me assemble them and shout out to my wonderful mother who kicks serious butt with her calligraphy!!!

I found it very entertaining at the post office today that the French addresses took a random conglomeration of 3 stamps in order to be enough to send it "snail mail" haha... hopefully they know not to bother RSVPing b/c we will be married by the time it gets back to us!

Okay so I stayed in Houston this past weekend with the B and SIL (well soon to be) and their adorable, amazingly upbeat baby Seth! I learned (someday) to skip the toys, just go for a laundry basket, yarn, and mommy's bra straps! haha It was great bonding time ... since Logan was IN the wedding, I got to talk about him and get all the dirt while he was gone ;) haha! Shout out to Erin's home cooked ribs w/ Grandpa Misegades famous BBQ sauce... yum!

Then, to make an even better ending to the long weekend I got home last night AND today from work and I HAD 2 OF MY BRIDAL SHOWER INVITATIONS!!! AHH its really happening! I got soooo giddy and excited about everything- I think the last stretch of this will be my favorite- most of the planning is done and the parties begin :)

I better start practicing my new signature... Misegades Misegades Misegades Misegades... and you people that read this, need to start studying the spelling haha :)

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