Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next week is a BIG Week!

Hola... These are my thoughts in no particular order... I am too stressed and tired to organize them so they are random! :)

Today we drove in the POURING rain to get our Marriage License... we felt cool b/c we got it for free since we completed premarital counseling through Watermark! I am 1 signature away from being a married woman! Crazy the power of 1 piece of paper! :)

SOOOOOOOOOOO We have a big week coming up! Logan's parents get in tomorrow and I havent seen them since we have been engaged, so I am so excited! Logan has his Bachelor Party with the boys this weekend...I cant divulge where (even though I intercepted the email chain) b/c its a surprise!

Look at my cute fridge now!!! That's everything I have to look forward to in the next week :)

This weekend, the Frenchies start arriving... some of which have NEVER been to the US! I am hoping I have time to show them around. We are sending them to a Mavs game Tuesday night so I think that will truly blow them away!

On another note... Please pray for me... my throat is KILLING me and I am afraid I am getting sick... but its mental, right? I am a bit paranoid b/c I have yet to get a flu shot and 4 rows from my cubicle, 2 people had swine flu and 1 row over from me just caught the flu... unconfirmed which kind! I am practically bathing in Purel... look what I picked up after work today...if you haven't tried Gummi Vites, you are MISSING OUT!

Logan booked our Wedding Night Suite at the Hyatt in the airport... the nice one apparently? THAT way we dodge the awkward morning drive that I am sure my mom would volunteer for just to see us squirm ... Another plus? We can literally sleep in a little and then ride the elevator down and walk to our terminal... AND allegedly we got a free upgrade ;) Cant WAIT!

My bridals portraits turned out AMAZING!! Thank you Sarah Kate! :) I wish I could post them.......but you will just have to wait for many fun posts after the wedding to see them! We shot them at the Cotton Mill out in McKinney- Although I am thrilled about Delaney, MAN that place would be fun for a reception! The weather was NASTY so we shot all but 1 indoors (nasty weather= great photography lighting apparently?) and the wood floors upstairs were insanely dirty...were talking bird poop and feathers everywhere... needless to say, the dress is at the cleaners now! After seeing the pics, totally worth it!

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