Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm a Mrs!

I have no idea who even reads my blog, but life has started to finally slow down enough for me to pick this back up!!!

A few things though... I am a bit overwhelmed about everything I have to update on here... the family shower, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day, the honeymoon, and the chaos we came home to... THEREFORE, I am going to sprinkle a story each week over the next couple of months b/c I am too overwhelmed to type it all out in 1 entry!

BUT I just wanted to say that married life is wonderful. I love that Logan doesn't have to drive home at 11pm every night and that I get to wake up beside him each morning... it is such a sweet gift and I hope that I never forget this feeling! We have had a blast trying to squeeze all of our gifts into our tiny townhome... once it gets orgainzed, I will make sure to post some pictures! I have even had my dad and stepmom over for Sunday lunch and I cooked and got to use all of our new things! Nothing like some new toys to get me motivated to cook!

I am enjoying the married life MUCH MORE than the WEDDING PLANNING LIFE... its nice to come home, cook dinner (haha kind of...) and watch TV instead of having a To Do list a mile long... (then again, we are giving ourselves 1 month until we brave the thank you notes...) I no longer feel guilty for relaxing and I am not stressed out every day. (I think the 5 month engagement was maybe part of that, its not much time!)

In the spirit of new beginnings, Logan and I have decided to join a new church- Gateway- out in Southlake... it has been a huge blessing so far and we cannot wait to get plugged into a newlywed group and make some new friends that are in our same life stage. Although Watermark really did serve me well, I am ready for this new adventure and God has already spoken to me in huge ways through several sermons and seminars. We cant wait to see what He has in store for us there!

ALSO- Speaking of fresh starts, I chopped my hair off!!! I am so happy to have a cute ponytail again! Heather cut it like Katie Holmes I guess? We didn't even have a picture to go off of, but it looks really cute! I will post a pic of that as well :) Locks of Love is a great charity and b/c of it, I get my next haircut for free! How cool is that?!?!

Anywhoo... I hope you like the new "look" of the blog- I think my wedding inspiration/muse- Rachel McAdams (from the Notebook) was captured with our 1939 Cadillac getaway car... thank you Chris Yarger- best wedding present ever!

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  1. Hey! congrats on your marriage! How exciting!
    I just got your comment and wanted to see if you were putting my HTML into your sidebar? If so, it doesn't work if you put it in there. It goes under your "edit HTML" settings. There are some instructions on each free layout that explain how to load them. Let me know if you have any problems!
    Thanks :)



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