Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stock the Bar Shower

So I HAD to write about my Stock the Bar Shower... it just so happened to be last Thursday- AKA the night it monsooned!!! SO the true, blue besties turned out and it was a blast!!! I had the beautiful ladies below as hostesses- Jayne, Erin, and Rach- my "go-to" girls for a fun night!!! They had decked out the table with champagne punch, martini glasses that you could fill with mac and cheese or pizza bites, and a wine glass to go with purple and lime M&Ms to match my color scheme!!! Man do they know me well :)

The hosts gave us an "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" basket filled with a pitcher, margarita glasses, a clock set to 5, tequila, margarita mix, salt, and limes!!! How perfectly creative is that?!?!

The game (that we were ridiculously good at) went like this. The hosts would read out a question and we were back to back (obviously, see below) and if we thought Logan was the answer, we would raise a beer... If we thought ABBY was the answer, we would raise the martini glass... So questions consisted of- who made the first move on who, who is most likely to swipe the credit card (I think that was the question below haha), etc. It was SO fun! (We only missed like 3 out of 20!!)

THANKS TO ALL MY HOSTESSES!!! It was a blast! And thanks to the friends who made it in the pouring rain, yall are the best :)

PS 2 more days until SUNNY 70 degree California... Shopping in Union Square, Napa, the W Hotel, Lingerie Shower, etc... Hello perfect weekend!

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