Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Showering! (Not literally)

Well I must admit I am LOVING this phase of being engaged!!!

My first shower was the traditional Chi Omega mother/daughter clan and we were at 4510 which was so fun- please try the signature panini and chicken curry salad... yummm!!! It was pretty hilarious b/c my friends noticed that Deb (my mother) got JUST as excited as I did every time I opened a gift! I feel so very lucky to have such great friends. We played a game where they had emailed Logan questions about me and I had to answer- for every answer I got correct, I got to dig a prize out of the "Abby's Favorite Things Bag"- in it was Sleepless in Seattle, chocolate chip cookies, fresh markers, polka dotted socks, my favorite song lyrics, a journal, on and on... It was SO clever and cute! Here are some highlights..

THEN on Sunday night I reunited with the LHHS clan- It was so fun seeing not only my friends but their parents as well... We had Olive Garden (my FAVE!!!) and then opened more presents... It was like Christmas morning ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! Here are a few pics from that shower as well :)

LOOK AT ALL OUR STUFF... Thank you notes, here I come!!

Sunday we were at Gateway and none other than Kari Jobe herself was back singing in the worship service and she just so happened to sing "Revelation Song" which we heard a few months back and decided to have sung in our wedding... so we got to hear the artist sing her song, and I was crying... emotional lately? um, YES!

Some things to look FORWARD TO...

#1 Thursday night is my STOCK THE BAR SHOWER... Logan is especially excited about this one!

#2 My wedding party ladies- the countdown is on for the BACHELORETTE PARTY!!! Napa, I'm coming back :)

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