Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Day I became A MISEGADES!

So I just wanted to give everyone a run down of the wedding day since I am still getting caught up! After this all I have is the honeymoon and then I can be back on track :)

The night before the wedding I couldnt sleep- I was so wired and anxious- I was up until 3am crying with Logan on the phone about how important it was that I fall asleep so I would be rested and pretty and I just couldnt!!! I used to get this way before gymnastics meets and poor Logan thought I was having cold feet or something! Man, I put him through the ringer... So that was a bit stressful seeing as I had to get up at 7am the next morning to shower and get my stuff together for 9am pedi breakfast with my bmaids... So basically I got 4 hours of sleep and ran off of straight adrenaline! No one that I know ever experienced this so I must be a freak haha!

It was UGLY weather that morning... dark and rainy and I was tired and emotional, but everyone kept telling me it was good luck and sure enough by the time we left pedis it was blue skies and gorgeous 65 degree weather!

We had hair and makeup (and mimosas) at The Blue Room next and in order to wake my face up, Heather made me do an "excercise." She said they do this to models for 6am shoots to wake them up and put color in their face... we filled a metal bowl FULL of ice cold water AND ice cubes and I had to hold my face under that for as long as I could and repeat 4x! It worked but it was painful! (Can't you tell by the look on my face!)

NOW time for the stressful story... we got to the church and all the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and I was just lolligagging around until Sarah Kate was done photographing the boys before I put my dress on... THEN when it was time to get dressed I realized I did NOT have my shoes... Yes, Miss Type-A-Organized forgot her perfectly coordinating wedding shoes!!! I threw my car keys at Morgan Stallings and asked her to go to my townhome and get them from my closet! Little did I know what would transpire...

So I take pictures in Erin Graceys bronze Manolo Blahniks (not too shabby if I had to swap shoes) and poor Morgan is taking forever and misses all the pre-wedding photos with the house party... Everyone kept telling me it was traffic and I was really confused b/c my place is pretty close to the church... Sure enough I was behind the doors listening to Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring and probably 1/2 of the bridesmaids had walked down when Sarah Kate pops her head in and orders me to kick off my shoes NOW! So I kick off the $$$$ shoes and she chunks my precious shoes at me, takes a picture for documentation, and disappears. Literally 30 seconds later I hear THE MUSIC come on and its SHOW TIME! Talk about CLOSE CALLS!!!

In case you want to know the REAL story... there was NO traffic... Morgan actually got into a car wreck in my apt complex! She hit a guy who was driving his FRIENDS RENTAL car and she felt awful... My mom made the executive decision to not tell me until the day I got back from our honeymoon but the entire wedding party knew... They kept a great secret for me.. and let me just tell you what a crazy time we have had with the insurance company who consistently asked me where I WAS at the time of the accident... I said about to WALK DOWN THE AISLE AT MY WEDDING! haha... The other guys starting lying and claiming neck injuries, etc. and Morgan and I battled it out with Geico and State Farm for a solid couple of weeks but its OVER and now its just an incredibly off the wall wedding story haha! AND the best part- neither of us had to pay our deductible... we arent sure how that happened since it was $992 of damage, but we arent complaining!

Now the ceremony... Logans wedding ring was a surprise and I engraved Pour Toujours 10-30-09 in it which means "Forever" in French and of course, our wedding date! It was officiated by Logans dad and their good family friend/ one of our mentors Lorenzo Monge from France. We had French and English alternating at different parts of the ceremony. Our vows were actually based off of the vows Sheri (Logans mom) wrote for their wedding and the benediction prayer has been read at each of Logan's siblings weddings so far... pretty special! We also had the beautiful vocals of Mason and Christine as they sang The Prayer which has always given me chills and Revelation Song while we took communion. They knocked it out of the park!

The reception was beautiful at Delaney Vineyards! We had each pair of groomsmen/ bridesmaids dance in to a song. We told them their song not more than 10 minutes before the reception! It was really cute... we served All American Cuisine and French Cuisine to fit the theme- mac and cheese, cheeseburger sliders AND crepes :) It was yummy! The cake was amazing- I found these cute personalized cake toppers that were painted like my dress/ his tux (you cant really tell from this pic) from Etsy! Then we danced it up- Logan got hoisted in the air, Rachel caught the bouquet after jumping in front of my sister haha, Caleb caught the garter, and we sang the XO song Shades.

Our last dance was my favorite. I got this idea from a friend of mine and what I did was surprise Logan and asked the DJ to clear out the room so that him and I could share our last dance alone- It was just us and the photographer in the big empty was so romantic and so nice to just focus on each other and reflect on the evening.

Then we left in the infamous 1939 Cadillac... so classy!!!! On the way to the car (luckily I was prepared) the Luther boys tackled Logan and shoved none other than his favorite NUTELLA down his pants. We are talking it got EVERYWHERE!!!! Luckily they steered clear from my dress! So that mess was fun and SO romantic to clean up!

And in a flash, that was it and the months of planning and 1 sheet of paper later, we were MARRIED!!! What a whirlwind, still feels like a blur. I am so very lucky :)

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