Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Le Honeymoooooon

So we have finally reached the end of me catching up on all the wedding festivities!

I did want to briefly explain what the "I Do" journal was... I actually got it in 2004 as a birthday present. I was in Papyrus one day with my mom and remembered when I turned 16 at church camp, they asked us to write a letter to our husbands to outline what we were looking for, a vow to purity before marriage, etc. I still had my letter and thought... how cool would it be if I kept a journal for my husband? So in 2004 I started writing in it... I would write down scriptures, song lyrics, and thoughts... Even in my loneliest times, I could write letters to my husband telling him I was thinking about him and praying for him. Then, once I met Logan I charted our relationship (freakishly early on!!! luckily it worked out... haha!) It was so neat to have our prayer requests in there for him moving to the US, finding a job, our trip to France and how I thought he could propose, all the way to our engagement. I would stick in little mementos such as airplane tickets, Mavs game ticket stubs, and pictures from our dates. I wrote my last entry at the hair salon right before I headed to the church on our wedding day. I ended up giving this to Logan on our wedding night and he took it with us to read on the honeymoon.

I hope to pass this tradition on to my little Stella someday... I have made so many plans about having a little girl, I hope it happens!!! haha :)

Okay so now onto the honeymoon... We went to Playa del Carmen and it was FABULOUS!!! We ended up paying a small fee for a room upgrade so that our balcony would actually look onto the beach! I had no idea that you can literally see Cozumel from the beach in Playa. The weather forecast on my iphone was rainy ALL WEEK LONG... luckily we had 4 straight days of sunshine followed by 2 days of rain and later a hurricane, the day after we left!!! haha- so on those days we went to the in-house Blockbuster (AKA Logans DREAM come true!!!) and rented some movies and raided our mini fridge. (its all inclusive, so no extra charge) PS I would NOT recommend watching ALPHA DOG on your honeymoon... I mean I thought I could stomach it since I would get to watch Justin Timberlake for 2 hours, but NO! It was highly disturbing and opposite of romantic. On another rainy day, we went into town and had bracelets made by a street vendor that said Mr. and Mrs. Misegades :) I wore mine for weeks AFTER we got home to remind me of the trip.

Logan loved the dramatic shift in me on the honeymoon... he thought I was cooler and more laid back than he had ever seen me. NO To Do Lists in sight and he didnt really know how to handle it... the biggest decision I wanted to make was where and what time did we want to eat! They had 7 great restaurants on site (I ate 5 steaks that week, no lie!) and 5th Ave was walking distance from our hotel and included all the bars and touristy type shops. I have since turned back into Mrs. Type A but a less extreme version :) So I guess I am quasi- cool now!

The couples massage was my favorite thing we did all week! Logan was scarred in the past from a Swedish massage that ended in tears... so he was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised and loved it! My second favorite thing was the 4 course dinner on the beach at moonlight... SO romantic!!! It was like a scene from the Bachelor but I didnt have to worry about not getting a rose! We had a violinist come during appetizers and I did not want the night to end.

It was a much needed trip to paradise after the stress that incurred leading up to the wedding.

Thats all I've got... Logans 26th is on Saturday and next week is Christmas! I cant wait :) I love this time of year...

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