Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the Spirit of Valentines Day

I am feeling very lucky to have a husband on Valentines Day this year... This holiday used to be bittersweet for me- especially after fresh breakups- but I must admit I had some UNFORGETTABLE Girl Nights on that holiday all throughout college and a few post-college as well ;)

Anywhoo, I have become obsessed with a few blogs lately and of course I have always been addicted to Etsy, so I just wanted to cheer everyone up on this dreary Wednesday with some Valentines Day inspiration! (I have a thing for cute cards- ask my college roommates- I would buy them in the store for myself and not for a particular occasion! haha) I did buy one of these cards for Logan...can you guess which one?

PS on a random sidenote... For the record, I got sucked into the Bachelor and I have rooted for Tenley since NIGHT 1... Just saying :)

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