Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Medieval Times

As you can see, we went to Medieval Times this past was my first time EVER and I have lived in Dallas all my life... Apparently some of the Arlington boys (Grant & Austin) grew up going there and said it was by far the coolest thing ever for a little boy and that not much had changed decor wise haha! The hilarious thing is that some of these people you can tell are doing this to pay the bills, others are trying to launch their soap opera acting career, and then the creepy ones actually think they live in this Reniassance Era... you know the kind that dress up for the Reniassance Festivals on the weekends, etc.

We were pretty impressed by how many 20+ birthdays were being celebrated at MT... we figured out the 5pm showing is more kids and the 8pm is tipsy adults haha!

Logan was really in the Team Blue spirit and asked to get his face painted... Kent joined in. I think it was worth the $6 just for the pictures haha!

The one nasty thing was that you had to eat every single part of your meal by hand... so the chicken and ribs (although surprisingly tasty) were really messy!

Here is the amazingly fun clan :) Our Blue Knight lost the joust, but we were #1 in spirit!!! By far the loudest and most obnoxious, naturally...

Logan and his blue face got me caught!!! Everyone was laughing at us b/c they knew we had been kissing b/c well... see below. (and that was AFTER I wiped it off - or so I thought! haha)

At the end of the night I told Logan we should have told the Frenchies to go to MT while they were in Dallas for the wedding... then I realized, wait... they have REAL castles in FRANCE and would have made fun of it the entire time haha! Jousting tournaments never took place in Dallas, Texas.

Lord Logan and Lady Abigail had a blast :)

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