Monday, February 22, 2010

Month of Love, Snow, & Birthdays

Well its been a very fun month thus far! My moms bday was a blast... Katy surprised us by showing up from Waco with her now, much darker brown lowlights...I think it looks Addison Sheppard- the "dark do"- my mom cried and I wasn't too sweet about it, but she followed my orders and waited until after the wedding to touch it, so I cant complain too much! It was pretty entertaining when opening gifts, Katy and I got my mom the SAME CARD- hers from Waco and mine from Dallas... typical :) Great minds think alike!

We went and got frozen mojitos at La Duni, then scooted on over to PF Changs for a yummy dinner (omg its expensive but please try the steak when you go next time, it was to die for!), then we topped off the night seeing the long and predictable Valentines Day- its not a blockbuster hit, but it was entertaining and brainless with a happy ending, so those are always good :)

I must admit I slightly got annoyed by everyone who lived in Dallas posting pictures of snow and I am totally falling into that category... I was just cracking up b/c its like we have never seen snow before... I bet the people in Colorado were laughing at all these crazy Texans! Anywhoo it was breathtaking to see our city in white... made me thankful that if it was going to be so dang cold, at least it was pretty to look at. The first pic is outside my window and the second is at work!

Now onto Valentines Day... I lucked out in marrying a Frenchman b/c he is inadvertently romantic by nature... so with me and my fairytale hopeless romantic mentality, it works out quite well... I was stuck upstairs for an hour and 1/2 and I am a "get-ready-in-30-minutes-girl"- I didnt even know what to do with all that time... but he was downstairs lighting a ton of candles, cooking, and setting the table up really nice! We had steak, shrimp, potatoes, salad w/ homemade dressing (thank u Mama Misegades), and fruit... wow we were stuffed and it was so much fun! Sadly right after snapping these pics we realized what a huge fire hazard these tea lights were and quickly blew them all out so we had to eat dinner with the lights on, but still so sweet!

This past weekend we were off to Waco for Baylor's Sing! Conveniently Pi Phi had a "Sugar Theme" and Katy was in the front row dressed as a birthday cake... perfect since she turns 22 on Tuesday! I told her to wear the outfit OUT b/c she can :) We went to Chuys (new in town) and had so much fun! We also went shopping to "Ann Loft" as Logan calls it and WalMart b/c it was the only thing open before 12- my mom found this adorable cake (well its 2 cupcakes) that looks like our dog Daisy but unfortunately she melted in the car while we were shopping so by lunch she looked a bit deformed, but it was hilarious!

February has been a month of laughter and tears and ups and downs for many reasons... but all in all, it was great. I am ready for spring and loving life right now!

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