Friday, February 26, 2010


So I have always heard you kind of hit this quarter life crisis at 25... well seeing as I am almost 26... its hitting me now. I truly want to have a meaning and purpose here. I want to do what I love and what I am passionate about so that I can truly be fulfilled...but what is that? I love a lot of things...

I have learned to love cooking- and yeah, I would love some cooking classes but I have no aspirations to become America's next Top Chef.

I LOVE taking pictures and admit to wanting to invest in a really cool Nikon camera, but it would be for hobby and pleasure- I don't know if I have the creative chops to do it as a living.

MUSIC- I have a soundtrack running in the background of my life... I have moods that call for certain burned CDs- you know like "Mellow Mix of '07" or "Amanda's Bachelorette Party Mix" to go along with certain days and events... BUT am I going to audition for the next American Idol? Um... negative, just ask my church choir teacher- I sing Alto in GROUP SETTINGS, the end.

Writing- I LOVE writing and I have always wanted to publish a book... but I hit a writers block right there...What on earth could I write about that people would want to actually go pick up a read? I mean if I could be Beth Moore, I would try to be, believe me!!!

Wedding Planning/ Event Planning- Turns out I am great at organizing events...unless they are my own wedding haha! Nightmare... possibly b/c of the insane 5 month engagement- hey, girlfriend had her mind set on OCTOBER and didn't want to wait 1.5 years to get hitched!!! Do you blame me?

So all this to say, I have hit my quarter life crisis... I want so badly to know what my CALLING is... I envy all you photographers, doctors, counselors, interior designers, business owners, teachers... You go to work and know that you are fully participating in a greater purpose and utilizing your God-given talents and abilities to achieve that every single day!

Not sure why I wrote all this down, but on my drive home I just needed to get it out- you know that feeling? Writing has always been my therapy...

One thing I do know was in God's plan was Logan... THAT is one thing I am passionate about. Boy do I LOVE this man!

Have a wonderful weekend! SO READY FOR SPRING WEATHER/WARDROBE!!!

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