Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's In the Bag

So I have now seen 2 of my favorite blogs do this and although I am not as cool as them, I thought it would be fun to partake in the fun anyway! Plus it helps you get to know me a little bit more :)

When I get a new handbag, I carry it throughout the season- the only time I change bags is if I have to go to a wedding b/c lets be honest- this hippie thing would not look cute with a little black dress and heels... SO apart from "dressy" occasions- you will see me with this bag until it is worn out and I buy my fall bag.

Anywhoo- My bag of the moment was $10 in our Fossil store and I love it! Now lets take a look at what is inside at the moment...

#1 My Jon Hart makeup bag that I got at Amanda 'Hollrah' Snodgrass's wedding in SUMMER 2007! Still sporting it strong :)
#2 My sermon notes from Gateway on Sunday... I highly recommend getting the podcast- "The Sin of Comparison" see, the title is even convicting, eh?
#3 My headphones which come in handy at work or working out when I jam out to Pandora- Please try the Ingrid Michaelson station...its my fave!
#4 Two AMC gift cards left over from Logan's "Entertainment Shower" with the boys. I am pretty sure there is maybe less than $5 on the both of them together- but hey! thats popcorn right?
#5 My keys with my random cheeseburger keyshirt and Eiffel Tower :)
#6 Orbit Gum- my favorite!
#7 Excedrin Migraine (been getting those a lot lately- time for contacts instead of the trusty glasses), off-brand Purel stuff (leftover from the Swine Flu scare), and lotion that I stole from the Holiday Inn in Waco b/c it smelled lovely and was perfect size to keep in my purse for those days where my hands or face get dry!
#8 JURY DUTY... I just got this yesterday... I am happy to be missing a day of work, but let's just hope I don't get chosen- 1 Day of a courtroom is enough for me!
#9 the trusty iPhone- Words w/ Friends anyone? I am L.A. Misegades PLAY ME! I don't like cheaters though... so if you have that App...don't bother!
#10 Yes, that is a random birthday candle from Ashlyn's bday celebration 2 weeks ago... I need to throw that out!
#11 My Fossil wallet complete with babysitting $$ and my new Drivers Lisence!
#12 Bobby Pins (never know when I will need one w/ my short haircut)
#13 My trusty PLANNER that Logan got me for Christmas- I LOVE IT! From Paper Source, another one of my favorite stores!

No wonder I can never find anything when I am looking for my keys OR cell phone... too much stuff! Call me Mary Poppins :)

Hope you enjoyed a random post about nothing... Have a great week- What the heck was this weekend about with SNOW AGAIN in Dallas? I am thrilled the weather is back in the 70's!! I already flipped my closet to Spring... I cannot have it resorting back to winter anymore :)

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