Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Downtown Girl- Day 1

On my way to my new job on DAY 1... I was very excited/ nervous.... but I am kind of figuring my way around Downtown Dallas (its about time I have only lived here 90% of my life! haha)

The morning consisted of meeting w/ HR concerning dress code, rules, signing papers, etc. There were 4 of us new kids, so it felt great having a little group of pals from the marketing clan. Much to our delight, we find out that from Memorial Day to Labor Day we get 2pm FRIDAYS!!! That was amazing :) I also arrived on the last day of 30/30 but in the best interest of my marriage, I held off on Day 1.

Here is my cute little cube... it feels more like an office than Fossil just b/c its enclosed on 3.5 sides rather than open. I kind of liked the privacy and I have my own printer at my desk... that is BIG TIME! :) The dress code shall be interesting as I start to figure it out...but for now I have my basic pants and cardigans that I will swap out until I a) have some $$ to shop b) have a better hold on what people wear at corporate! My manager Michelle and coworker Kristi took me to lunch (lots of cute places to eat in downtown... not to mention the food court underneath my building- Starbucks, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc.). We had so much chatting... they are very nice and easy to talk to and get along with.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a sort of "Pep Rally" for NM employees downtown. The meeting was held at the Majestic Theater (naturally) and we all had 3D glasses for the opening video spoofing Avatar, ha! ... we were able to hear from the CEO, CFO, etc. as they went over the business... lucky for me, we are on the back side of economic slump, so business is looking up and the future of NM is looking bright! I also witnessed history as Burt Tansky announced his retirement (gasps, shocked faces, tears from the crowd) ... but he passed the baton very graciously to Karen Katz (CEO of stores... now CEO over the entire NMG!) So it was a pretty epic first day!

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