Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MAY...can you believe it!?!??!

Well I have to admit... now that I am working until 6 and getting home close to 7 only to try to motivate myself to start cooking dinner... I have been dropping the ball HUGE on blogging even though so much has been going on!

Lets see here....I will do this one in sections :)


I am in LOVE with my job! I have been able to learn a ton in 1 week and its so neat to see how a different company organizes things, learn the new "lingo," and cast of characters. This Friday we have Candace Bushnell doing an event at our Northpark CUSP location signing her new book "The Carrie Diaries"...just in time for Sex and the City 2!!! I love that I get to go and meet her :) So much fun! Not to mention, I am happily adjusting to downtown life. (Even though I consistently get lost in the parking garage, ha!)


Alexis was in town this weekend for her first bridal shower, wedding appointments, and a hair/makeup run through! She was a busy lady but I loved being able to take part in some of it :) I cannot believe that she was engaged before I was and is just now getting married (and we have been married 6 months!) ... I am so very excited for this much-anticipated-patiently-waited-for-day! I am also thrilled that they are moving back to BIG D in September!! Although I will miss not having a couch to crash on in beautiful San Fran :)


Canton, I DO LOVE YOU!!! We went to Canton with the Cochrans this past weekend. I have been there before when I was really young but don't really remember it. We had the husbands with us and since they had each other + tator tornadoes, Nicki and I were able to stroll around at a decent "girlie" pace and look at whichever booths we wanted... I collected a ton of goodies for my Art Journal Class! It finally started on April 24th and I cannot wait to show you my new pages :) I am very pleased with how they are coming along, even though I am about a week behind schedule! (Found tons of vintage hankies, postcards, doilies, maps, and even a Vintage Valentine!) It was a blast to discover all these little treasures... I also have a new obsession with RICK RACK haha... I bought a cute apron and I am convinced it was made from my Mammaw's sheets :)


We are on the hunt for a cute duplex in the M Streets/ Lakewood area...so if you are taking a casual stroll or driving by... please take a flyer/ snap a pic w/ your iphone and I will call them :) Yesterday we found a STEAL of a deal for $750/ month... but we should have known that was a red flag ... the place had charm...vintage charm... straight out of the 30's/40's... and I mean that quite literally...nothing was updated, there was no central air/ heater and no dishwasher... I could live in it if I HAD to, but we would rather have a few amenities for a few hundred more $$/ month!

Hopefully will have posted journal pics this weekend :)

HAPPY ALMOST CINCO DE MAYO!!! Go enjoy some of these!

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