Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping Withdrawal...

So I have fallen off the face of the Earth, its true... and I wish I had more time in my schedule to blog but with the new gig, its just doesnt allow it! I just got switched to Assistant Marketing Manager for Bergdorf Goodman out of NYC and I am ecstatic! I get to work for my Marketing Director who is crazy cool and hope to get a few trips up to NYC as well :) Yay for another learning curve. FYI: BG is owned by Neiman Marcus and geared towards the rich and famous... neither of what I am haha! I hope to own an overly priced (even with my discount) coffee mug from there at some point.

In other news...

- I cannot wait to post pics of our house... we had a housewarming party a few weeks ago that was a huge success- over 40 people came, thank you!!!

- I have finished a few DIY furniture projects that I want to show you as well...feeling so domestic these days. I feel like our house is 98% complete and it feels GOOD!

- And SINCE we are living on 1 income right now, I cannot do the SHOPPING anymore and my mouth has been drooling on the below items from Modcloth ALL DAY! If only I still used the AmEx... its truly hard not swiping that sucker anymore!

I hope to have a few more posts later this week.
Shout out to my sis who starts her new TEACHING job next week- she is going to be the cutest/ coolest Spanish teacher in town!
Thanks for reading :)

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