Monday, July 12, 2010

Current Crushes

My 5 Current Crushes:

1. Decorating our new home in Lakewood... especially my CHEAP finds from Canton! Let me paint a picture: We had 4 tables, 2 chairs, tons of decor, a door, and 3 gals shoved into Nicki's SUV... a man felt bad for us and loaded the 2 chairs on the bike racks in the back as Katy and I ducked under the door overhead for 1 hour... oh yeah did I mention it started POURING rain as we were loading up all our purchases? It made for a very stinky/ cold/ numb drive back, but totally worth it! And bonus: my chairs were SUPER clean and washed off by the rain haha :) they survived.

The below is just MY stuff... not my sister's 2 tables, Nicki's table and door... among other things! Crazy huh?

2. Hipstamatic photos- makes everything look cooler!

3. "Me" time- I am learning that I like to have some alone, Abby time, to recharge my batteries. I used to not be this way, but I kind of enjoy moments of calm collection amidst the chaotic and usually hectic work/ personal life balance.

4. COOKING... I have been soaking up the recipes lately! Never thought I would be the Betty Crocker type :) Taking a cooking class is on my future horizon...

5. Date nights with this handsome dude. Now that we are doing the 1 income approach to get out of wedding debt, we enjoy cooking dinner & running to 711 to get an ice cream treat and a Red Box :) very budget friendly!

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