Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our CUTE Humble Abode

FINALLY, I am posting pictures of our casa... we LOVE it!

Below is our living room- what you see RIGHT when you walk in our front door- the red chair I inherited from my boss' sister for I love it EXTRA more!

This is my first original artwork painting that I purchased across from the Lourve in Paris...painted by an art student there :) I love it... and of course I have a thing for lanterns and M's!

Looking into our dining room!

Our CUTE kitchen! Love how our Misegades sign somehow matched! LUCKY!!

My dish towels say... Bonjour Yall AND I would rather be in Paris ;)

This is kind of dark, but we LOVE our built in bookcases, the stained glass lamp, and my labor of love yellow table! Remember those chairs? Yep, they survived the bike rack on the way home in the pouring rain from Canton!

Our built in mini bar... the cute stained glass!

Our bedroom... as they say on MTV Cribs "Where the MAGIC Happens" ;)

The guest bedroom/ my craft space / closet.

My crafting space/ inspiration board/ "happy place" :)

Hope you enjoyed a mini tour!

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