Monday, August 30, 2010

Logans VERY First CAR!

So if you know me or follow me on Twitter- I have been the annoying girl who for months (maybe even longer than that) has complained about Logans "Larky" car that kept breaking down, ruining our Friday nights, and we kept pouring $$$ into even though the car was worth less than $1,000. It was real frustrating, yet.... it was FREE and NO car payments. So one cannot be too picky.

3 weeks ago, the Larky was totalled on the highway and although praise GOD Logan is okay - not a scratch - Larky wasn't so lucky. (And I WAS THRILLED!!! haha)

We got a check back from the insurance company + some savings to put a pretty decent down payment on this adorable KIA Optima! It is a 2005 with only 51,000 miles... and Logan drives a LOT! So we feel good about it being a reliable, good gas mileage, car for him. PLUS, the price was RIGHT! (we finally had to let go of Volvos, Acuras, Maximas to be more practical- Dave Ramsey would be PROUD!)

Logan has always had loaner cars or hand-me-down it was a stressful/ overwhelming day for him... the "vultures" (aka car salesman) were at their month end quota crunch time, and were on the prowl ;) Luckily, we got TERRY who loved Logan and they talked basketball more than CAR which I found odd but endearing haha!

We LOVE the car, it drives great, and Logan is a very proud Papa owner for the very first time!

We are still thinking of a name: Night Rider, Hot Sauce, Black Stallion are in the running... ha! We are welcoming any additional suggestions.

signing papers- look at that smirk!

Logan hates smiling in pics by himself- so he does awkward face instead 99% of the time.

TERRY!!! He even invited Logan to play bball with him Sunday mornings haha :)

Cute Optima!


VERY proud of him!

The first drive.... :)

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  1. Proud of you, Logan!! That's a good lookin' car, if I do say so myself... congrats!!



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