Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adventures in Cooking #2

Okay peeps... I have been doing good on my goals- been journaling, haven't sewn anything quite yet, the wedding album is ALMOST done (going to have it ready by our 1 year anniversary next month!) and yes... I have cooked another NEW recipe. So here we go, yum :)

This is from the cookbook that Lori Massey (the fabulous designer behind our Save the Dates) gave me as a wedding gift - so very thoughtful! I made Poppyseed Chicken Casserole and Logan said it may just be his favorite dish I have ever made... wow :)

Okay Ingredients:
1 Can mushroom soup
8 ounces sour cream
1 can celery soup
6 chicken breasts- cooked and diced
2 packages Lipton mushroom flavored instant rice, cooked
1 roll Ritz crackers, crushed
1 stick butter, melted
2 T. poppyseeds

Still learning how to time everything JUST right, but I knew I should cook the chicken breasts first. (Also- I cut the entire recipe in 1/2 since its just Logan and I...but I wish I would have done the entire thing b/c we would have had killer leftovers!) Remember when doing the chicken- use a little bit of olive oil and no spices... we just want plain chicken.

Diced...means chopped into little squares :) So do that then set aside.

Instant rice is MY LANGUAGE haha... it wont take long, so start it when the chicken is almost done. Once you are done with the rice- pour it into a glass casserole dish as the bottom layer. (Keep in mind if you are doing the full recipe, you should use a 9x12 casserole dish- not the one pictured above)

Mix the soups, sour cream, and chicken breasts (diced) together. Then pour it over the rice as the second layer.

Crush up the Ritz crackers w/ your hands and put them into a small bowl.

Mix crushed crackers, melted butter (not hard- do it in the microwave), and poppyseeds together. Then sprinkle the mixture over the top as the final layer/ topping!

Cook 20 minutes in oven, uncovered at 350 degrees and you are done!!!

Phew! Just in time for the month of September :)

HAPPY OCTOBER TOMORROW!!!!! It is my favorite month of the year + my anniversary! Anyone have fun Fall plans I should be jealous of? :)

PS I am such a bandwagon girl...but today I DID indeed try the pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks and WOW am I in love!

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