Thursday, September 9, 2010

My nieces and nephews!

Okay so even though Katy won't be having little ones anytime soon, when I married into the Misegades familia of 5... I inherited 6 nieces and nephews and little did we know, that Erin was pregnant with #7 at our wedding! I love them all SO much and it makes me kind of excited to have little Logans someday... (focus on SOMEday...)

I got to meet sweet Eleanor (NORA) Rebekah in August and my goodness, I am biased, but I think you would all agree that she is about the most precious thing in the world! I am a very proud Aunt Abby :) And the cool thing is.. since I was officially a part of the family for this one, I really am feeling more like and Aunt and less like a "Poser" haha!

look how tee-tiny she is next to my basketball-playing hubby!

her smiles will melt your heart! And check out the cutest big brother ever- Seth!

AND of course my other nieces and nephews...gotta show them off too!

Bonjour Isaac clan!!! Ryan, Kailyn, and Sophia... they currently live in France and from what I hear, are becoming QUITE the pros at speaking French... I am jealous :)

Then of course Harper and Griffin in Vegas... they couldn't be cuter! Got to spend great time with them in May! Harper is a future actress in the making (has the best personality ever) and Griffin is awesome at belting Rascall Flatts (or rather, Flasal Flatts)... so we have the fame genes in that family!

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