Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 12- What You Believe

  • I believe I am a sinner and that through Jesus Christ I have been saved by grace.
  • I also believe we have the opportunity to know Him through a personal relationship.
  • I believe He is the only person that will ALWAYS be there no matter what- sinless, blameless, all knowing, wise, holy, merciful, wonderful, glorious, eternal, matchless in every way.
  • I believe in treating other people the way you want to be treated... Actually no- I believe in treating people BETTER than you expect to be treated back. I have learned this more and more in marriage- die to self, and serve others first.
  • I believe in unconditional love b/c my husband shows it to me every single day.
  • I believe in pursuing your dreams, even if it can be risky.
  • I believe in adventures... I do not want a dull life- I want to live life to its fullest + I want good stories to tell my kids and grandkids someday :)
  • I believe in finding your passion and purpose on this Earth and following it wholeheartedly.
  • I believe in love at first sight...because it happened to Logan and the rest is history :)

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