Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 13 - Goals

My Goals ... so far :)

1. Learn French (we want to raise our kiddos bilingual)

2. Live in France and explore Europe

3. Write a book someday...even if its not published to the masses

4. Be a MOM! (Logan wants 5 kiddos... eek!)

5. Skydive

6. Be my own boss... would love to come up with some sort of crafty job I could do out of my house so I can stay at home w/ kids someday :)

7. Take a cooking class and a couples dancing class

8. Start a book club / READ MORE!
9. Visit Seattle

10. Learn photography... get a NICE camera and learn how to use it!

11. Find out what my spiritual calling is so I can make an eternal impact for The Kingdom

12. Be SUPERWIFE... 'til death do us part.

13. Sew things out of pretty fabrics

14. Get out of debt and stay that way!

15. Own a home that is perfectly US (when we are ready)

1 comment:

  1. So inspiring, Abs! I'm in on the book club, for future reference. I'm OUT on the skydive, also for future reference. :) And I agree with Logan- the more adorable kids y'all produce, the better!!!! You can start ANYYYYYY TIMMMMME you know......



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