Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 21 - A Picture of Yourself

I feel like at this point yall have seen a LOT of pics of me... haha so you know what I look like, right? I figured I would post a pic w/ a story.

As you can see... my parents had to stick bows on my head and dress me in pink b/c I did not grow hair until like... 1st grade? Maybe 2nd... I had a mullet that would NEVER cooperate no matter what we did to it...too bad we didn't have the CHI back then!

What makes it funnier/ more ironic is that during my mom's sonogram (you know in 1984 it was fairly new technology), the umbilical cord got in the way, so my parents "found out" I was a BOY!!!! Reid Evans... I got a ton of cute boy clothes, all my baby shower cards are addressed to Reid (Abigail) Evans and I had a navy baby room painted w/ farm animals, then POOF! I popped out as Abigail and my parents had to use syrup to stick bows to my head and monogram all my boy clothes with the name ABBY so people wouldnt get confused haha! My hair arrived just in time for boys to lose their "cooties" and JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) to fall madly in love with me :)

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