Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 23 - Favorite Vacation

Lets take a field trip back to Christmas 2008. Paris is a place I had fantasized about since I was a little girl... a place of pure magic and romance... After falling completely head over heels for Logan, we planned a trip to FRANCE to see his family at Christmas- much to my delight! I had never even been to Europe, much less thought I would fly to the "Romance Capital" of the WORLD with the man of my dreams... so I was a bouncy, giddy, bubbly school girl for a solid 4 months... I was SO nervous to tell my family that I wasn't going to be home at Christmas and oh by the way I am going to a foreign country with a guy I JUST started dating... ha! My dad handled it pretty well with one condition.... That boy has NOT asked me permission for your hand in marriage so he better NOT propose! Logan DID sit me down before we left to tell me that in a perfect world he would have proposed in France that Christmas, but due to the lovely economy crash in 2008- he was having a really hard time finding work- therefore no approval from my parentals and subsequently no ring.

So I went into the trip w/o that nervous anxiety of wondering if THE MOMENT could happen at ANY MOMENT...and instead I just got to fully enjoy this magical place. It was the most wonderful trip- I got to spend 2 days in Paris and experience the "City side" of France and then we headed down 5 hours south to his parent's Bed & Breakfast where I got to know some of his family and explore the "County side" of France- exploring Medieval Towns with Castles, and the local restaurants and culture. I have such vivid memories of that 2 weeks and I will cherish it forever... that trip really secured the reality that THIS Guy was the man I would spend the rest of my days with. LUCKY for me, I didn't have to be sad when the trip came to an end b/c I knew we would get to return to this place throughout our lifetime together and someday our kiddos would get the pleasure of experiencing 2 very diverse cultures early on in their little lives.

Here are a FEW of the pictures I took on that trip.... (I took 667... so lucky for you I narrowed it down)

Can I go back now?

My painting I purchased across from the Lourve in hand and Notre Dame in my rearview!

Sacre Couer

Will you marry me? Wait... not yet! :)


Beynac Medieval Castle

White Christmas at the Bed & Breakfast

Another Local Castle

A local town full of waterfalls and magical views

Breathtaking. Probably one of the pics I am most proud of.

Castle ruins in Egletons.

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