Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 22 - Favorite City

San Fransisco... hands down. If my job permitted, we would pack up and start the trek TODAY! I hope we get the opportunity to live over there at some point. I have my best friend ALEXIS to thank for introducing me to such a fantastic place b/c she lived there for 4 years!

I love the weather, the outdoor activities, the coast, the restaurants, the culture, the shopping, the sight seeing, UM did I mention NAPA is less than 1 hour away?, the cute homes, the fact that people use public transportation/ walk everywhere, the romance, I could go on and on and on...

My Dearest California,
I know you are full of liberals and overpriced everything...and my dad would never approve of me moving there... but to me, you are perfect.
Your not-so-secret Admirer,
Abby in Texas


  1. Matt and I are going to San Fran for our honeymoon, you'll have to give us some tips! I've been before but not as an adult!

  2. WILL TOTALLY GIVE YOU GUYS SOME TIPS!!!! What a fun place to go!! :)



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