Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 4- Your Parents

I have wonderful parents. We have been through a lot and it has made us stronger!

My Mom is a rockstar. She is the Principal at Wallace Elementary in Lake Highlands and I get my creativity juices from her. She grew up in Abilene, was a Tri Delt at the University of Texas, comes from a line of burnt orange family members and loves NASCAR- random! She used to design and run several clothing lines- Tee-Skirts was her first one... and I was her model :) She would sponge paint on tshirts andadd fabric skirts to the bottom- you know 90's style! Then she morphed it into Kade Collection- (Katy-Abby-Debbie-Evans) which specialized in broomskirts- remember those? She loves to laugh, dance,sing to Country music, and go to car shows. She is one of my best friends. Love you mom!

My Dad is amazing! He runs his own Healthcare Consulting business called Meritage Strategies and it has really taken off the past few years- so proud of him! He on the other hand, comes from a long line of AGGIES and bleeds maroon- He was a trainer there and went on to be a trainer for the Dallas Cowboys in his earlier years. I was on an A&M campus visit with my dad at a baseball game when I decided to go to school there. My dad got remarried to Kelley last May and I couldn't have lucked out more- not only is she amazing and sweet, but we love all of her kids (Lindsay, Landon, and Dylan- and we inherited Nick and pretty soon, Kerri!)... I am no expert, but I do NOT think that sort of thing happens too often. Very thankful for that newly blended family!

That sums it up for Day 4!

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