Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 5 - Your Siblings

Part 1: Katherine Elizabeth Evans (Katy, Katy-bug, Bug, Goose, Senorita Evans, Seester)

Katy and I are 4 years apart and have always been very close! She was a superstar Lake Highlands Wrangler, studied abroad and majored in Spanish at Baylor University and is now a high school Spanish teacher at Shepton in Plano! She has naturally beautiful red hair that you could NEVER find in a box, is a ton of fun, loves Spanish, good friends, and making fun memories. She was also the best and hottest Maid of Honor I have ever seen :)

Part 2: Lindsay (+ Nick), Landon (+ Kerri) , and Dylan

After my Dad remarried Kelley, we inherited 3 step-siblings and lucky for us, they are married or marrying REALLY cool my siblings grew from 1 to 6! The fun part is that we all live in the DFW area so I get to see them pretty often :) Lindsay is my age and is married to Nick, Landon and Kerri are getting married next summer, and Dylan is about to start DRIVING and attends Coppell high school.



Part 3: The Bro/Sis- IN LAWs...

So Logan is one of 5 and aside from Caleb they are all married... so now we have jumped up to 13 siblings!!! Wow. That is why we draw names for Christmas :) Hey- at least our kiddos are going to have tons of cousins to play with! All the siblings are scattered all over the world so unfortunately we don't have a ton of pics of us all together- but I love them all! Never a dull moment in the Misegades clan.

Me. Logan's sis Kristin (France). SIL Erin (Houston). SIL Christine (Vegas)

Logans brothers- Will (Houston). Logan. Josh (Vegas)

Logan. Baby Ryan (France). BIL Nolan (France).

Logan.Me. Brother Caleb (Longview)

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