Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 7- Favorite Movies

I have always hated this question because to be honest- I don't really like watching movies more than once. HOWEVER, there are a handful of exceptions.

Just Married- Go ahead and judge me... but THIS is why I was so affected by Brittany Murphy's death. I watched this movie almost weekly my freshman year of college. I love the comedy, love story, Ashton, and European part :)

I could watch this every. single. day. Minus the Alzheimer's... I want THIS love story as my own.

Christmas-Smishmas.... I could watch this year round! Pretty fun that its getting to be that time of year though :) Always good to have on in the background while Christmas decorating!

This is not one that I will watch over and over again but its been my favorite movie THIS year! I saw it 2 days in a row... love the creativity and how it makes you think!

I literally thought I would marry Leonardo DiCaprio after seeing this. I had many a dream that he was in love with me. Its classic. Its amazing. Won't watch it too often, but I will always have a copy on hand.

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