Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 8- A Place You've Traveled To


Back in my single days after college, I went on several Girls Trips- LA, Chicago, name a few! Jayne, Erin, and I were obsessed at the time with The Hills and were convinced we should fly out to LA, have a celebrity-stalking filled weekend, and eat at all the restaurants we read about in US Weekly! (That magazine honestly did help plan out our weekend, ha!)

We have a ton of fun memories from that weekend- we met David Arquette, saw Christina Aguilera and her husband while shopping on Rodeo Drive, spotted LeBron James at The Ivey, ate dinner at Ashton's restaurant Dolce (he wasn't there, boo!), met Dave Annabelle from Brothers & Sisters... and one of us may or may not have shared a kiss with Heidi Montag's ex boyfriend while hanging out in Eminems old recording studio with Rumer Willis. (you like how I just threw that in there? )

All that to was an unforgettable weekend- we spent WAY too much $$$, shopped it up, experienced Pinkberry before they were on every corner, and got our fill of starstruck-ness! I am so glad I was able to take that trip young, single, and dreaming BIG! We had no shame :)

This picture speaks for itself :) We somehow talked our way into Les Deux (Where all the Hills people used to hang out!)

Lunching at The Ivey

Shopping in The Grove
Dinner at Ashton's restaurant, Dolce!
Pinkberry... I had not tasted anything like it in 2007... fast forward to present day and these yogurt shops are the new nail salons!!! On every corner...but I'm not complaining :)
That was fun. I LOVED that trip.

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