Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 9- A Picture Of Your Friends

I have to admit... Picking my bridal party for our wedding was one of the MOST stressful parts of the process. I agonized over it b/c frankly, I would have loved to have about 20 bridesmaids... I don't say that to brag, I say that to convey that I am SO LUCKY... I have a lot of really close friends. I am still close with tons of my elementary through high school friends, then my Dream Team from college, VERY good post-college friends, and now post-wedding friends that I probably would have PUT in my wedding had it been this year and not last! I am blessed. They all bring different personalities, strengths, and values to the table and I love that. Never a dull moment with my girls... and look how HOT they all are??

All that to say- I dont just have 1 picture w/ all of them in it...but here are some good ones!

This was a few days after we got engaged- The Houston's threw us an engagement party.

Some of my best XO Friends from A&M at my bridal shower!

The wonderful gals who were able to come out to SF for my Bachelorette Party!

My Bridal Luncheon gals at the Petroleum Club

My Wedding Party (sans Morgan)... a story for a different post ;)

Some post-college besties Jen and Nicki (and Morgan)!!! We did Painting w/ a Twist... wasn't fun at all- can you tell?

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