Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 30- A Picture/ 'Tis the Season

Yall have seen enough pictures of me so I thought I would post THIS picture to transition into the holiday spirit!!!! These are some of the ornaments we bought this year for our "big kid" tree.

The 30 Days of blogging has been really fun and hopefully it helped me get into the habit of writing more... I used to only post 1x per week or every other week b/c I didn't have much going on....but its fun doing it more often about random topics and stories :) I already have some ideas for December.
Here is the new Coldplay video "Christmas Lights".... anything they touch is gold in my eyes. The lyrics reminded me that holidays can either be a joyous time or a lonely and depressing time for many families... tragic or magic... So lets remember if our holiday season is a jolly one- hug on our neighbors, friends, and coworkers who may not be in the Christmas spirit this year due to circumstances. I sure have been there. Merry Christmas month :)

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