Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's never too late for "Happily Ever After..."

My mom's boyfriend/ best friend since 7th grade popped the B-I-G question this past Wednesday!

She got home from Atlanta, he picked her up at the airport and took her home and when she walked in... she had a DOZEN, dozen red roses.... um gorgeous!

Back story... ever since they started dating last summer, he has brought her flowers every single Wednesday without fail. (One time he was out of town and had me go pick up flowers and deliver them on his behalf... aww)

SO back to the story.... she walked in and thought he went all out b/c it was Wednesday flower day + Christmas + they had started talking pretty seriously about future.... but then he went into the other room, came back, and plopped down on 1 knee and asked her to marry him.

She was ELATED and SURPRISED- they are a really good match and the best of friends and have a blast when they are together.... oh and we have fun w/ them too :)

Can you believe those roses??? Katy, Logan, and I went over that night and had champagne and a yummy steak dinner to celebrate.


There's the shiner!!! He did REAAAAAL good!

Cheers to the happy couple! Chris- hope you can handle the Evans gals ;)

This is a Y on her Christmas tree b/c she will become Debbie Yarger after many many decades of being an Evans.

New chapters, new beginnings, and new traditions. All NEW wonderful things.

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