Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Merry Misegades Christmas Decor

This year was so much fun to decorate b/c we actually had the layout and SPACE to do it!

Some new purchases... love my little Christmas Card holder/ crate :)

Our "grown up" tree before and after. (Is it just me or do photographs not even do a Christmas tree justice... I have taken a zillion pics of our tree and its just much cooler and prettier in person ha!)

Our advent calendar and baby tree in the kitchen.

Our Christmas cards are rolling in!!! :) Ours JUST got sent out!

My mom gave us the cute plate below...

I loved this depiction of the Nativity Scene.

Our fireplace.

Note: The looks weird, I know...but every year we are adding something significant from the year to it. 1- Our wedding 2- Rangers in the World Series! So it will probably look a bit silly for like... 10 years! haha oh well its a good conversation starter :)

Very proud of our stockings... from L to R- Pottery Barn, Garden Ridge (matches our tree skirt), and then Etsy... my pride and joy...its handmade and beautiful... too bad I didn't realize it was being shipped from AUSTRALIA until we got the shipping charges... eek?

PS Before you start rumors, the 3 stockings are for me, Logan, and CALEB (his bro) b/c he is spending Christmas w/ us this year!

Ho! Ho! Ho! My Handsome Snuggie Santa haha

Our dining room is so fun! We have the baby tree from last year, a holiday candle, and adorable wood/ berry trees over our China cabinet.

Man... the Christmas decorations make everything seem so "homey"... I am going to be sad to take them down!

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