Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Neimans at Christmas

If you have a random afternoon, I HIGHLY suggest you make your way to our Downtown Neiman Marcus store. (you don't even have to buy anything- just go look around) I have never seen anything like it! Every spare nook and cranny is covered in Christmas and its like a magical retail wonderland! Here are just a few "teaser" images.... you should go see the rest for yourself!

This is an interactive window for kiddos to climb in and out of "outer space."

Another gorgeous window. (this one actually moves all over the place)

Ride down the escalators to this view...

Please take the elevator 1 time... the entire inside of each one is silver-lined tinsel!

This is a view from my office building across the street... look how beautiful it is lit up!

****I also have to give a small shout out to Neimans... this past Friday we had our Executive Retail breakfast that we were HIGHLY encouraged to attend... I figured (from the name of it) it would be a long boring breakfast w/ speakers, etc.

Well much to my surprise, we showed up at the Zodiac (the amazingly yummy restaurant in the DT Niemans store) and Karen Katz (our CEO) hands me my plate and we chit chat, then Ken Downing (our FAMOUS Fashion Guru Stylist) hands me my eggs, Jim Gold (Pres of Bergdorf Goodman) my bacon, and on and on and on... I won't go into all the names. But how cool that the Executive Breakfast was actually OUR Upper Management, dressed up in aprons, SERVING us... We don't get fat bonus checks at the holidays or anything, but the fact that they did that for us... it meant a lot. It made me feel appreciated, special, and proud to work for such an outstanding company who genuinely cares how they treat their employees.

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